Yogashakti Yoga Center

S. Richmond Hill Queens, NY

Yogashakti Yoga Center

Yogashakti Yoga Center is the oldest and largest yoga studio in Queens, NY. Our system of hatha yoga concentrates on alignment of the body and harmonizing movement with breath. We also believe in having fun at the same time.Unlike some centers, our classes are suitable for all ages and levels of training. One does not have to be flexible or strong, just willing. Our instructors are sensitive to the needs of each person and adjust the exercises accordingly. Students get as much individual attention as they need and are encouraged to recognize their own limits, work within them, and gently extend them.You leave not only feeling refreshed and relaxed but also know just a little more about yourself than when you came in. So come energize your body and mind with Yogashakti Yoga.Our prices are very reasonable. Two or three classes per week is $75 per month. Or just drop in for $15. Your first class is free. We also offer meditation and yoga teachers training, workshops, and retreats.

Contact Information

114-41 Lefferts Blvd.
S. Richmond Hill Queens, NY 11420

Phone: (718) 738-8001
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