YogaintheFlow & Magnolia Chiropractic Wellness Center

San Francisco, CA

YogaintheFlow & Magnolia Chiropractic Wellness Center

We create a sacred healing space for those seeking introspective discovery, transformation, and awakening on and off the mat. We specialize in Kali Ray TriYoga®, Network Spinal Analysis, and Somato-Respiratory Integration. Our classes are taught with a deep awareness of spinal anatomy. Precise alignments support the natural alignment of the skeleton system. With this strong foundation, the body relaxes in the flow. The flow occurs through the spinal wave. With each pose the spine rocks vertebra by vertebra in a wavelike fashion. This nourishes the avascular discs between each vertebra; increases flexibility in the muscles, joints, and ligaments that support the spine in maintaining posture; and massages the spinal cord deep inside, promoting a healthy communication of the nervous system. We offer workshops as well as group and private classes. We believe NSA SRI and Tri Yoga are some of the most powerful tools on the planet in supporting one to safely break into themselves, creating sustainable, lasting changes as you express your wholeness from an authentic place. Living the life you were born to live! Dr. Stephanie’s inspirational and therapeutic teaching style offers an empowering mixture of flexibility, knowledge, and heart.

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133 Magnolia Ln.
San Francisco, CA 94123

Phone: (415) 931-5878
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