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YogaCo is Santa Monica’s largest yoga studio with three unique rooms offering up to 25 classes daily…We believe in a collective community consciousness and welcome all yogis from all walks of life. OUR CLASSES ARE RUN ON A DONATION BASED SYSTEM (for more info read below- applies to Water amd Earth Rooms).


YogaCo strives to provide the most complete yogic experience for every person who walks into our studio. Whatever your individual style or level may be, we strive to be conscious of your body, mind and spirit and hope to accommodate everyone’s needs with our variety of classes and teachers.

We endeavor to keep the healthiest, cleanest and most enjoyable environment possible in which to practice whatever your choice of Yoga is to suit your internal compass at any given moment.

The “Co” in YogaCo is not for company, but rather reflective of collective community consciousness. These three “guide words” are the key elements of our philosophy.


To donate means to give freely. By practicing in a donation-based studio, it should not mean practicing Yoga should be free. Unfortunately, because the entire studio (the teachers) subsist soley from the donations ; it is impossible for us to stay alive if our students do not donate whatever they feel is appropriate. We suggest a $14 donation for every class taken at YogaCo in the hope that you, the student, will give in the spirit of appreciation for this Yoga center. What you donate is personal and private. We don’t want you to stop practicing yoga for financial reasons. That said, we DO depend on your contributions. In the yogic sense of karma, as we are giving to you a gift, it is our hope that you will give back.


Original founders (husband and wife at the time), Grant Gottfurcht and Kelsey Oldershaw, had a vision for a yoga studio that offered a more varied and cutting edge yoga experience than any other studio in the Los Angeles area at an affordable price. Having come from a background in real estate, construction and design and also having been avid practitioners of yoga for years, as well as certified teachers, it made sense to meld the two together. They decided to take a chance (and a great leap of faith) and invested their life savings in a yogic dream.

After searching thoroughly for the ideal space they found a perfect location in Santa Monica on the 3rd Street Promenade (albeit with a ton of work to be done as it hadn’t been touched in 25 years).

They then approached their favorite yoga teacher and mentor, Tamal Dodge, to come on board as their partner and head teacher, knowing he would be the perfect compliment to their project.

Tamal has been practicing yoga his entire life. Born and raised in his family’s yoga ashram in Hawaii and California, he has been teaching for the last 10 years. Tamal has developed a strong following nation wide. His vigorous vinyasa classes are filled with humor, music, and meditation. His yearly retreats, workshops, and teacher trainings are a way into the life and times of being a modern yogi. Tamal’s goal is to help you be in the world but not of the world, to be truly peaceful and happy.

After much hard work to personally build and design the studio, they are proud, honored and grateful to be able to offer an end-result that features all styles and levels of yoga (ranging from Poweryoga, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Anasura, Mommy and me, prenatal, etc.) from an eclectic group of some the most talented teachers that Los Angeles has to offer…

Together, guided by Tamal’s influence and deep yogic roots, the three co-founders decided to best serve the community by making YogaCo a donation-based studio that lives up to all the core yogic principles and beliefs such as community, discipline, ethics, compassion, family values, cleanliness and karma.

As of May 2010, Tamal is no longer a partner in the venture, though still a vital cog in the elements that make Yogaco special, teaching his six original classes. He decided, after much deliberation, to simplify his life so that he could spend more time with his young family.

We hope you enjoy your yogic experience.


*We strive to keep our air as clean and healthy as possible to add to your yoga experience. We do this by placing Hepa-filters throughout the studio, which filter 100% of the existing air 2 to 5 times per hour. We also have oxygen-producing plants, (featured on an environmentally approved list of a small handful of plants which are proven to rid the environment of Benzene, Formaldyhyde, and TCE), all which help to enhance and produce additional fresh air for every breath we take.

“The champion plants in removing benzene appeared to be: ivy, gerbera daisies, pot mums, peace lily, bamboo palm, and Mother-in-law’s Tongue. The source of benzene also counted: Chinese Evergreens and pot mums extract well benzene coming from detergents, while Dracaena that coming from ink, dyes, tobacco smoke and rubber. Ivy extracted easily the toxins coming from petroleum products, while benzene from plastics was rapidly sucked up by Gerbera daisy.

Formaldehyde is even more common than benzene, and more toxic. It abounds in urea-formaldehyde foams, particle board or pressed wood products of which most of the office furniture is made today. It appears in paper treated with UF resins, even grocery bags, waxed papers, facial tissues and paper towels.

Most common household cleaning agents have formaldehyde. UF resins are used as stiffeners, wrinkle resisters, water repellents, fire retardants and adhesive binders in floor coverings, carpets and permanent-press clothes, while simple formaldehyde abounds in natural gas, kerosene, and cigarette smoke.

The chemical is an irritant of the mucosae of the eyes, nose and throat, and causes dermatitis and headaches. Formaldehyde is a common cause of asthma and has been connected to throat cancer.

The best plants for removing formaldehyde proved to be the bamboo palm (from carpeting), Mother-in-law’s tongue (from paper), dracaena warneckei, peace lily, dracaena marginata, golden pothos, philodendron (from carpeting and furniture), ficus (from UF foams), ivy (from cleaners) and green spider plant (from plywoods and particle boards).”

-‘Getting rid of Indoor Air Toxins-Plants to Use’

(from NASA’s published list of top 15 plants that rid indoor areas from toxins)

*In accordance with the information above, we have placed “Mother-In-Law’s Tongue” and “Bamboo Palm” plants throughout our studios!

* We have a strict “no shoe” policy in our studios and all shoes must be either left outside or carried by hand to cubbies.

* To help preserve and protect our environment, we have placed recycle bins throughout our studio and also use waterless urinals – which can conserve up to 40,000 gallons of water a year, and low-flow toilets (please use respectfully :). We have used quadruple-paned windows to also help mitigate the loss of heat and air for maximum energy efficiency.

* We are big on Bamboo (a highly renewable resource) and have used it for all of our flooring and also used it to custom build our shoe cubbies, bathroom partitions, benches and office furniture.

If you have any further suggestion to help us enhance your yoga experience or environment, please let us know what they are anytime! We are always open to growth and improvement:)

Namaste from all of us at YogaCo…


Contact Information

1408 3rd St. Promenade,
3rd floor
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Phone: (310) 395-0600
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