Yoga vs. Christianity, Whats the Debate?

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Is yoga anti Christianity? I have seen a ton of bloggers writing about this topic and it seems to be exceptionally taboo, so naturally I want to get it out in the open. I understand the roots of yoga, but have never felt like practicing yoga was anti any religion. I need to know more from those of you who have had this battle.

I want to hear from all sides of this debate so share, share, share and let’s keep it clean.

  • I grew up in a Christian home and began to deviate from that tradition throughout my 20s. I remember feeling ‘afraid’ of yoga because some Christians would tell me it was ‘evil,’ particularly when yogis would chant and meditate (’cause Christians don’t do this at all!) Funny how I haven’t found people in the yoga community talking badly about religions…

    I think it is possible to marry the two. So often we argue over whether or not something is right or good when it is just the same thing spoken in a different language, if only a metaphorical one. If Christians believe the body is a temple, they can get even deeper into that perspective through yoga. They can use the silence and meditation to pray. They don’t need to chat om if they don’t want to. But to say a tradition that is even older than Christianity is ‘off limits’ seems to be quite close minded.

  • I have heard Christians say that Yoga is bad because people who do it think it’s a religion.  Funny, because they have never even been to a yoga class.   I absolutely think that someone who considers himself a Christian can enjoy and benefit from practicing yoga.  In my classes, however, we practice from the idea that we are all inherently good, which is something Christians do not believe, so this would be something a Christian would have to work around. 

  • Andy

    I am a Christian who loves practicing yoga. I know that my true center is Jesus Christ. Yoga if anything helps me personally feel closer to God. It helps relax and focus me so that I can look to what really matters and refocus me on my true purpose to live for and bring glory to God. Yoga has helped my Christian walk, just like many things in life you have to evaluate it and see how or if it can benefit you. I feel better physically, emotionally and spiritually because of yoga!

  • Lisa Martinez

    Here’s my take as a yoga instructor/practitioner/person who has lived in India/person who was raised an evangelical Christian….I wrote a paper on it, I had so many people asking me questions. Here’s the link: On the spectrum between hardline Christians and hardline yogis, I fall in the middle with a whole bunch of great people. I’ve had complaints about me not only from Christians but also from strict yogis. In fact, I consider myself not even on the spectrum anymore! I know what’s good and right and I believe it all is from the hand of God.

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