Yoga under Pressure

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taking a break from managing a military families golf event

We’ve all heard that yoga can reduce stress and tension to bring serenity to the body and mind. Reducing stress and tension can improve our health and wellness and our overall quality of life. Yogis know that practicing yoga, especially during stressful times, is the way to go. But when we get busy we put our practice on the back burner. Why does this occur? Why do some of us let our practice fall to the side when we get busy or when we are feeling pressured and hurried?

Everything about our society supports over stimulation: working 16-hour days, constantly competing and trying to be everything to everyone. This can and often does lead to burn out. Conversely, depression is also growing as feelings of inadequacy increase. Stress and tension can invoke envy, taking small things personally, loneliness and isolation. If we allow it, stress can run our lives and thus ruin them. Ask any one suffering from an addiction or an eating disorder.

Yoga can address these issues by lessening the stressful impact of daily life. Yogic philosophy supports the notion that through the regular posture practice, along with purposeful breathing, strengthens and supports the nervous system and helps the people face stressors in a more positive way. Although yoga is not a cure all, its genius lies in its ability to take the practitioner from the outside to the inside. The mind is not everything, is it a part of the whole body, mind, and spirit interconnectedness.

Practicing yoga during tense times – yoga under pressure – is indeed the best time. Its focus on the mind-body-spirit connection coupled with concentrated breathing teaches you to not lament on the things you cannot control and to live in the present moment. Appreciating the here and now fosters balance, compassion and openness. At this significant time, we could all benefit from a little graciousness and understanding.

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