Yoga & Tea, Natural Partners in Good Health

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I have always enjoyed tea. My childhood was filled with Sun-Tea during the summer season and Chai throughout the icy winter. My mother always made sure to have a large assortment of teas available for our guests and smelling the spicy aromas that lingered around was probably the true driving force for my tea admiration. As an adult, I have become quite a fan of exotic teas such as Monkey Picked Oolong, African Rooibos, and my favorite Darjeeling Black. There is a tea for every occasion, and a yoga session is truly completed by a tea ritual.

As a student of yoga, I have often been offered tea within the studio.

Sharing a cup of tea with someone else is a beautiful thing. I think the connection between yoga and tea lies within general well being and health. After all, that is why most of us do yoga and also why we enjoy tea versus the many synthetic sugar-packed alternatives. I’m pretty sure that Yogi Tea wasn’t just created on a whim. They understood that tea compliments the yogic experience.

Tea alone offers a variety of health enhancing benefits, but tea with yoga could change your life. The calmness that a Chamomile Tea brings or the renewal that a Peppermint Infused Green Tea offers is the perfect example of such. I challenge all of the readers of this blog to drink at least three glasses for tea a day for one week. I have a feeling your life and mental wellness will take some really beautiful and positive turns for the better. Let me know your thoughts and your results of the challenge.


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