Yoga & Sex… A Perfect Pair

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I am often asked what is the relationship between yoga and sex. The two are closer than most people would guess. Yoga can improve your sex life as a whole by working on both the mental and physical levels. Yoga helps alleviate stress, increase energy, and improves your self-image, hence strengthening your libido. Also, with the practice of yoga comes the positive physical attributes such as flexibility, strength, and muscular control.

So lets say, that you are like most of us, the work week is hectic and filled with stress. Naturally sex is the last thing on your mind. Well with yoga, you can release the stress and increase your energy and really kick up your game in the bedroom.

Physically your body will improve in so many ways from the practice of yoga that you will start to see and feel a difference. This difference will boost your self image and really bring back that spark. Not to mention, some of the poses can also inspire creativity in positioning. The newly toned muscles and strength are only an added bonus.

Through yoga you are able to utilize numerous positions that help you gain a stronger sensitivity and awareness to your body. Its all about truly becoming present in the moment and experiencing sex on a more connected and controlled level. The increased blood circulation, mind-body connection, and rhythmic breathing will truly enhance all aspects of your sex life. Yoga can make all of the difference in a not-so-spicy bedroom situation. What do you have to lose? Nothing, but you have a ton to gain!

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