Traffic Ticket Yoga

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Nobody enjoys getting a ticket, but the Cambridge, MA police department has tweaked the anger-invoking traditional citation to bring an element of calmness to its recipients. They added illustrations of yoga poses!

Those that have received the tickets thus far have not seemed to find the new imagery useful. The city is standing behind their new concept and Susan Clippinger, the city’s transportation chief said officials wanted people to see citations as less hostile.

I am all about the added pizzazz and hopefully the rest of Cambridge will get on board too… After all, the city did print off 40,000 of the tickets.

  • This is great! One of my yoga instructors was recently pulled over for speeding on his way to teach class. He was exceeding the speed limit by enough to have him arrested on the spot. The police officer approached and told him he would need to make some phone calls because where ever he was heading, his plans had changed. While my yoga teacher nervously reached for his paperwork, another police cruiser pulled up and the officer approached. He had seen him speeding also and asked my instructor where he was heading in such a hurry. The instructor nervously said, “To teach a yoga class.” The officers stepped away for a moment, chatted and returned to give my teacher these instructions: “OK, Sir. It seems today is your lucky day. We’re just going to give you a warning.” My instructor was so shocked, he was frozen and couldn’t speak. The officer said, “Now, just breathe.” Hahahaha!

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