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You might have noticed a new offering on your yoga studio’s service menu… Nude Yoga. A lot of studios are diving into this increasingly popular yoga style and a lot of students are excited to be a part of something so natural. Nude Yoga has not hit the mainstream as of yet, but the trend is growing rapidly and classes can be found everywhere from your local community center to your private fitness club. The class’s tone tends to change with it’s venue, as does its student base. There are numerous reasons for seeking out yoga in the nude, though ti seems that the common reason is to gain an acceptance of the body in a natural state.

In general the classes tend to be co-ed, with the goal of experiencing an unencumbered-by-clothing yoga. There is a wide variety of styles that are practiced in the nude, which makes the diversity much greater. Those whom practice nude yoga find liberation in practicing naked in a safe non-sexual environment. The mood of the room is often set by dimming the lights and removing clothing in a ritualistic fashion. Naturally voyeurs and exhibitionists will participate to seek out a outside of the norms moment, but when all is said and done the classes really offer a chance to break free from the materialistic aspects that have evolved into the yoga practice, and get back to the most natural state of being possible.

The member’s only scene tends to cater to gay men. Although the classes are taught by certified yoga instructors, the atmosphere can tend to become sexually charged. I’m not saying that wild orgies are part of the practice, but often partner work is offered and most admit that it can become a pick-up-scene. Ultimately it is still about accepting the body, freedom of movement,, and the enticement of the risque factor.

Naked yoga is not for everyone. Those individuals with a natural comfort zone being nude around others will excel in the class, but the students that are seeking acceptance of their body images will benefit the most from the experience.

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