Yoga for the Unemployed

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The national unemployment rate is just shy of 10%, and yoga class prices are not getting any cheaper. Bummer. However, lots of studios are coming up with solutions that will benefit those who need the help: the unemployed. Unemployment is stressful and can totally ruin one’s balance, and nobody wants to hire the guy twitching in the corner. So what are these studios doing to help? Offering up free yoga classes!

Studios across the country are joining this trend and really making a change. Yoga helps unemployed individuals realize that their predicament is temporary. If you wondering how one verifies their status as an unemployed individual, they don’t. The free classes are totally on a code of honor system. After all, asking for proof of unemployment seems a bit tacky. If your studio is doing something similar, let us know. It’s great to spread the word about something this fabulous, and you never know who might read about it, take the class, and improve their life. Share the wealth

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