Yoga for the Punk Rocker’s Soul

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Unconventional? Perhaps. A great way to draw in new students to yoga? Absolutely. There is a new twisted yoga being offered at night clubs across the country that is really sparking an interest with the punk music crowd. It’s called Punk Rock Yoga, and it incorporates live music with Hatha yoga.

The founder of Punk Rock Yoga, Kimberlee Jensen Stedl has written and self-published Punk Rock Yoga Manifesto as a way to share the experience with all.

Punk Rock Yoga Manifesto: Look, Work, Accept, Transcend. The Punk Rock Yoga style was born in 2003 and has flowed across North America and into Europe. This book articulates the style’s philosophy, where you will explore the teachings of yoga through a modern lens and discover how to employ its wisdom in your daily life. You will learn about Yoga with a capital “Y”—moving beyond the poses, into the realm of personal transformation. The Punk Rock Yoga Manifesto takes a direct and pragmatic approach to yoga philosophy, discussing behavioral guidelines, personal temperaments, meditation practices, energy centers, and the role of poses and breath work. This book inspires self-reflection and challenges you to look at, work on, accept, and ultimately transcend everything that restrains you from personal evolution.

If you are looking to shake up your yoga lifestyle give Punk Rock Yoga a try. You might just like it.

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