Yoga for Men – Good for the Libido

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My eyes are focused on the mat as I hold my downward dog steady. My mind however, is focused on the fact that I am the only guy in the room. Now my mind is wandering, “where are all of the guys? Am I missing a UFC PayPerView Event? If I attended the local men’s only yoga in the buff, I would be surrounded by dudes. Not really my yoga style though, but a masculine presence is there”. My mind is now completely spinning and my practice is suffering because all of my attention is now focusing on the lack of men in my yoga life, and we just switched poses without me joining them. Awkward.

So here’s the thing, men were the original practitioners of yoga and most of the major branches of yoga were created by men. If you observe many of the poses, the female body isn’t well suited for them due to lack of upper body strength. Not that woman can not develop the strength, because they can and do; I’m just pointing it out. As time has progressed we have seen a huge shift in modern yoga from a predominantly male following, to a ladies-night crowd. Once again, this shift is natural and okay, but where are all of the men?

Yoga compliments sports and really helps to build the core muscles, so its ideal for us guys to keep our performances up. It reduces stress, keeps our muscles toned, and improves flexibility which makes our sex lives stronger and us more desirable as mates. Think about it, yoga studios should be overflowing with guys trying to up their status on the 1 thru 10 scale.

I understand the male ego, I have one that regularly needs checked. I also understand that men have a mindset that tells us to train for a gladiator style fight. We like a fast and rough, sweat inducing, physically straining workout. However, what guys are missing is that yoga can totally get your heart racing and the sweat beading off of your forehead. Get down and give me a 20 Sun Salutations, and tell me that you’re not feeling the burn…

Yoga compliments our gym routines, so Men, if you decide to rev it up and take a yoga class think of these core benefits:

Lowered Stress – which will improve your libido

Increased Flexibility – which will improve your athletic skills

Overall Muscle Toning – which will make you look good

Increased Blood Flow to the Brain – which will calm the mind and help you focus.

Plus a ton more.

Guys, yoga was made for us. We need to pick up a mat, join a class, and start getting our bodies and minds back on track. Do it.

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