Yoga Flirt – From the Mat to the Pole

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I would like to award Yoga Flirt 10 enthusiastic points for thier creativity in creating a unique yoga spin off. That said spin off is Stripper Yoga! This class is not for the devout, no its more geared for the fitness junkie seeking the next risqué trend to emmerge into modern culture.

Their Mission is as follows:

“Yoga Flirt uses the wisdom of yoga not found in other pole dancing/pole fitness classes to create physical and energetic balance in the body. You will learn all floor and pole moves on the left and right side to balance strength and flexibility. The energetic highs of flying around the pole are evened out with calming, centering floor work. You’ll leave class feeling both energized and excited as well as steady and centered.”

Yoga Flirt, was designed to help women embody their femininity and to really work the bodies curves. They state that Yoga Flirt is “A unique mixture of yoga and pole dancing/pole fitness! The result is a balanced, fun way to exercise”.

They even have strict rules to ensure that the pracitce remains professional and useful i.e. “Flirt Yoga is for women 18 years and older! No men, no nudity, no coarse language, and no “pros”, i.e. exotic dancers”.

Clearly this unique style of yoga might not be for everyone, but they have shared a list of results that Yoga Flirt is said to offer:

  • You will experience a true mind, body, emotion connection.
  • You will radiate self-confidence and walk taller.
  • You will strengthen your core and upper body.
  • You will smile when you look in the mirror.
  • People will notice all these changes and wonder what you’re doing differently.

With these results, who wouldn’t sign up for a spin on the brass? If you want the skinny on this program and are not in Atascadero, California check out their website here.

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