Yoga Fire Dance by Dashama

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This video is AMAZING. First of all, I had never heard of Dashama or Yoga Fire Dance, but now that I have I will say that both are equally beautiful. Dashama, is a stunning curly haired goddess and her yoga practices and dance are pretty cool.

So what is fire dancing?

It is a series of blazing movements that you dance out to ignite your passion and enliven your senses. It is a powerful workout that truly compliments your yoga practice and will help dance that body into shape!

Who is Dashama?

Dashama is an Author, Yoga Teacher, Fitness Instructor, Lifestyle Coach, and a real woman. She has created a series of empowering resources which can be seen at her online boutique

If you are seeking a new way to mix up your fitness and want to try the more exotic side of life, give Yoga Fire Dancing a go. You can find out more about Dashama at

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