Yoga Etiquette… No Shoes… No Problem

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Here are a few ground rules that will help ease the unknowns that might accompany your first visit to a yoga studio. Above all, use some common sense and courtesy and you will be just fine.

1) Remove Your Shoes
Most yoga studios will have a place for your shoes located near the front door. People tend to walk around barefoot within the studio, so by taking the shoes off at the door you’ll limit the spread of dirt

2) Be Punctual
Strive to arrive about 10 minutes before the class is scheduled to begin. If a class has already started, do not enter if it has been in session for more than 10 minutes. If you have passed the 10 minute grace period, wait until the next class begins.

3) Turn Off Your Cell Phone
Don’t be that person! We all have been guilty of forgetting to turn our phone off at some point or another, but the yoga studio is the last place you want to have an embarrassing phone mishap. Make it a rule to always turn your phone off immediately upon entering the studio.

4) Stick to the Course
Stay true to the level of the class that you are attending. If the poses are too challenging, it is perfectly okay to try a more basic variation. Many times, in advanced classes the teacher will offer an option. If you are in a beginners course, do not show off. It might confuse the other newbies.

5) Honor Thy Teacher
Always respect your teacher. Even if their teaching style or the tone of the class is not your pace, remember that you are in their domain. Stay focused and follow through with the class. After the class is over, take the time to seek something positive that came from the experience.

6) Bathroom Breaks
It is totally acceptable to run out to the bathroom during class. The best time to quietly sneak out is during a resting pose such as Child’s Pose or Downward Dog. Avoid bailing during the difficult poses or Savasana. The teacher will catch on to this technique and might become offended.

7) Don’t Dodge Savasana!
It is exceptionally important to participate in Savasana. It is the final relaxation and an essential part of the class. If you do need to leave early, let your teacher know and try not to make this early-exit behavior a habit.

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