Yoga Dinner Party – the Hottest Thing since, well Hot Yoga

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Here is the breakdown of a phone call between my friend Steve (a potential crack enthusiast and yogi) and I that just happened two minutes ago…

Steve: Hey Shawn Paul, what are you doing Friday?
Me: Most likely pretending that I am reading a deep study on social plagues while Jersey Shore is on in the background. Why?
Steve: I want you to come to a yoga dinner… clothing optional of course.
Me: Clearly you have my interest. Elaborate.
Steve: You are so crazy. No I am having a dinner party that is based around a yoga class. I have an instructor coming over and after a 90 minute class we will eat a green meal.
Me: What’s the catch? Last time you hosted a dinner party I had to bring the food.
Steve: No nothing like that. Anyway, as I recall I had you bring one thing.
Me: Yes, a Turkey to a Thanksgiving meal…
Steve: Anyway, just bring yourself, a yoga mat, (his voice softens to a whisper) and $60 dollars.
Me: Hmm. The price seems high.
Steve: Oh it is, because you’re covering my end.
Me: You are out of control, count me in.

Now that the story is out there, I can follow up with the important details… like what the heck a Yoga Dinner Party is. Apparently Steve was inspired by some company out of Canada that hosts in-home Yoga Dinners. They bring everything to your house. Candles, music, instructors, and even the food are all provided (at a bit of a cost). All you need to do is have a nice clean space that can accommodate your guest list. Now unfortunately, Steve’s Yoga Dinner will in no way be an elegant production. The instructor will be good, I have no doubts about that. The issues that are already arising in my mind are that 1) his green meal will literally be lettuce and whatever month old veggies he finds in the crisper, and 2) the soothing clean home that this is supposed to take place in, will have 2 lick-friendly golden retrievers, a feisty Siamese cat, and my ADHD friend Steve. I am not sure why I committed to this endeavor other than the fact that it will provide me with comedic material for the next month and I secretly hope that it turns into an 80’s fitness video montage.

For those of you who have read this lengthy blog and want to try and put on a “successful” production I did find a few key factors that should help (bless you Google).

  • Select a yoga instructor that you adore. If you like them, your friends should to.
  • Get rid of any distractions… i.e. children, attacking kitties, mother-in-laws
  • Plan a menu that is appropriate. Go with fresh veggies and healthy life force ingredients.
  • Make sure the room is super clean and that the space has enough space to spread out.
  • Keep the guest list to friends that will truly appreciate the experience. Don’t invite your neighbor, who you know thinks yoga is a breakfast food, just to keep the cost down.


If you follow these simple steps, you could really make this a fun and uniquely memorable night. I have a feeling that these Yoga Dinners could be total hit with the Ladies Who Lunch. I will let you all know how my certain to be a hot-mess Yoga Dinner experience turns out. Wish me luck.

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