Yoda Yoga – Star Wars Style Asanas

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Holy Hot Mess this video is hilarious! TIME’s Allie Townsend takes a completely dork friendly journey into the depths of Star Wars Yoga. The class taught by Mathew Latkiewicz, was a sci-fi yogi’s fantasy come true. The class really helps connects the user to “the force” and actually tweaks traditional asanas to become more Luke Skywalker friendly. The Corpse pose has been turned into the Carbonite Pose and the R2D2 has both a beginner and advanced poses. And of course, most poses come complete with sound effects.

Overall, this is pretty much the most down-to-business yoga spoof that I have ever witnessed. If you’re a Star Wars Geek and are willing to fly that flag proudly, post this on Facebook to share with you friends, because it’s pretty much amazing. May the force be with you.

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