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A wonderful light in the yoga world is Rachel Brathen. She is known as Yoga_girl on social media’s Instagram. I highly recommend following her page and reading her book called Yoga Girl. She is one of the original Stand-Up Paddleboard Yogis. This practice brings yoga into the water! Paddleboarding is a popular water sport and a great workout in itself. If you are looking to challenge your yoga practice onto the next level SUP Yoga is where it’s at!

SUP Yoga is an amazing way to challenge your yoga practice. Yoga is all about creating space and finding balance. When you bring your practice from the mat and onto a paddleboard balance is truly the key. Even standing on the paddleboard in water offers the challenge of balance. It is a great way to strengthen core and full body. You are really able to access your center of gravity and become one with yourself and the board.

The water is such an interesting element. The idea of how it shapes and forms to its surroundings. The waves or stillness of water is truly magnificent. Not to mention, the element of water is very serene. There is something so meditative about the way water moves and looks. You will find that yoga practice on a paddleboard teaches you how to move with the water. You find that balance is something we truly seek as a nation.

SUP Yoga in the ocean is a wonderful experience. The opportunity arises to feel the waves underneath the board. While holding downward dog on a paddleboard and feeling the smooth waves pass through you, you understand the truth of life. Life itself is filled with little and big waves that smoothly pass through our lives. Become the true wave rider on a paddleboard!

It is so important that we seek balance in every aspect of our lives. Through the practice of yoga and meditation we can access this serenity within each of us. Bring your yoga practice off the mat and onto a paddleboard! Notice how easily it will be to balance on land once you have mastered the water!


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