What’s the Trend?

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Our society as a collective uses advertisements, media, and fashion to create different trends. These trends are society’s guidelines to ‘follow’ and to be up to date with the latest and newest ideas. Trends can be anything. One of the largest trends is the fashion industry. The monthly beauty magazines develop articles of what to look like and follow within the material appearance. I was always a little bit against trends and having to follow what the status quo wants you to look like or be like. As I live my life, I have expanded my mind to understand the ultimate reason trends exist. Trends are meant to connect.

Have you ever noticed that many conversations that start between people are due to the fact that they share something in common? A compliment or question can start a life-long friendship. Trends can connect people with each other. As human beings, we hold our own individual experience and perspective of the world around us. Each individual perspective makes up the greater collective as a human race. It is such a special moment to find a connection with someone who might live on the other side of the world than you!

Trends can also be used to manipulate society to look and act a certain way. This can be a negative outlook on how trends can be used. We must use our own individual perception to understand trends or manipulated reality. When yoga started becoming a trend in these recent years, I always thought that it discouraged the spiritual outlook on the yogic philosophy and practice. However, the more I expanded my mind about the idea of yoga being a trend the more I realized how many like minded people were coming together. I saw all of these amazing authentic friendships develop between complete strangers.

This connection of trends and society can be used for the greater good. It’s trendy to recycle and preserve the Earth. It’s trendy to work out and be healthy. It’s trendy to treat yourself and others with compassion and respect. It’s trendy to be your natural and authentic self. It’s trendy to seek peace and happiness in life. It’s trendy to be smart and to study topics of interest. It’s trendy to unite all beings as a collective in order to coexist with grace and harmony. How cool would it be if we all started our own trends? What’s your trend?

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