What is a Sattvic Life?

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In yoga philosophy, there are three gunas or qualities of life. The three gunas are tamas, rajas, and sattva. These are all sanskrit terms, an ancient hindu language that has kept itself alive after all of these years into the modern world through the practice of yoga. Each of these three qualities or gunas presents itself within our lives. The idea is to live a sattvic or balanced life. Sattva is the result of harmonizing both tamas and rajas. Life is a balance of positive and negative and our reaction to each situation that presents itself.

Tamas is a state of darkness, resistance, inactivity, and disconnection. This guna or quality of life comes from ignorance and over-consumption. There is a lack of spiritual belief. A tamas life is filled with consumerism, over-eating, over-sleeping, or living in fear. There are tamasic foods such as heavy meats, spoiled, chemically induced, processed, or refined foods. To avoid living a tamasic life stop eating when you are full, eat organically, sleep a healthy amount of time, and stay active. Which leads us to the opposite of tamas…

Rajas is a state of activity, energy, and change. Rajas is the extreme opposite of tamas, it includes longing, attachment, and attraction. Being overly-hyper and overly-exerting yourself in work or daily routines is the example of a rajasic life. Rajasic food include fried, spicy, or stimulating foods. To avoid a rajasic lifestyle try to listen to music at a modest sound level, take breaks to calm you throughout a busy routine, avoid excessiveness, and over-thinking.

Life is full of tamas and rajas moments. The goal of a sattvic life means to find balance between tamas and rajas. Sattva is a state balance, harmony, and intelligence. Sattva is the guna or quality that you want to achieve in your life. To reach a sattvic life seek the balance between positive and negative in every aspect of your life. Avoid tamas and rajas lifestyles to reach sattva. Sattvic food includes vegetables, legumes, fruits, and organic food. Cooking these foods is the ultimate practice of eating in a sattvic style. Reduce stress in your life. Practice yoga to find a more sattvic lifestyle.

Everyone can agree that the common goal in life is happiness. To enjoy our lives on this Earth. To seek the positive even in the most negative of situations. To control our reactions in order to live a more balanced and peaceful life within ourselves. The ultimate goal is to seek peace, happiness, and harmony within ourselves first and foremost. Once we reach a personally balanced and sattvic life, we can trust the rest will just fall into place naturally! Embrace your inner peace. Seek a sattvic life!

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