We all make Mistakes

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We all make mistakes. We are only human and there is no such thing as perfect. You are fine just being you! Whew, what a relief right?! There are times in life during work exchanges or friendly interactions that we make mistakes. These mistakes are not your fault. These mistakes are caused by miscommunication, un organization, or life just throwing a curveball at you. The last thing you should feel during a mistake is guilt but it is our natural reaction. We feel bad that we ‘messed up’. What steps can we take to handle these types of situations?

It is so important to remember that it is not your fault. There is no one to blame. Sure maybe you copied down the wrong number or misheard the right directions but it’s okay! Sure maybe someone is pointing a finger at you and accusing you of a simple mistake but it’s okay! We cannot control how other people act but we can control how we react. Once the mistake is made it is time to work to fix it the best you can.

Our reaction determines how we treat ourselves. If we take on this natural reaction of guilt we are admitting this idea that we knew we made the mistake before it was even made! We didn’t mean to make the mistake that is why it is even called a mistake! You may not be able to travel back in time and control the mistake before it was made but you can control your reaction and how you handle the situation.

When you make a mistake in life, it is good to admit that you accidently made a mistake. Do your best to try and alleviate the situation. Try to fix the mistake the best you can. Sometimes we cannot fix what was done and that is okay! The waters will settle over time and the mistake will soon be forgiven and forgotten. You can forgive yourself first and foremost. Understanding mistakes we make in life help us to understand when others make mistakes as well!

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