Walking the Rope

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I sometimes feel that I am walking on a tightrope through life. That struggle to feel balanced. This is especially true in big decision making or uncomfortable situations. I was very klutzy growing up, an awkwardly thin young girl who would trip over herself. Yoga has changed that in many ways, I feel a graceful float when I walk thanks to my yoga practice. I still find myself in situations, balancing on a tightrope. It is as if I will fall if I lean too far to one side or the other. I feel that in order to access the balanced needed, I have to hold my confidence strongly. Confidence is key when walking the rope of life.

In order to access your confidence, you must trust that it is there to support you at all times. When we experience challenges in our lives, we feel that tension of the rope beneath us and it begins to shake. If we embrace the uncomfort of the shaking we increase our wobble of imbalance. This is the time our fight or flight stress hormones begin to release throughout our being. If we do not hold our confidence strong and seek balance, we fall off the rope. In order to stay on and calm the wobbling shake, we can trust that we will find the balance we need.

We were born with strength, confidence, and balance. We were born to walk the rope of life. Traumas and fears give us imbalance and challenge our strength and confidence. When we overcome these fears, we find a new way to balance more sturdy than ever before. We learn that balance comes from courage and grace. To trust that we have everything we need within us since birth, we only need to access these gifts. You are courageous. You have confidence. You have balance. You can walk this tightrope through life and succeed to the other side.

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