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Take a moment to close your eyes with one big inhale and one long exhale. Did you notice a release? We spend all of our lives plugged into different outlets, including work, exercise, friends, family, driving, or any other entertainment. As we are constantly plugged in, our energy does the opposite of what our phones do on a phone charger. We are giving our energy into that outlet. We spend all of our time awake just draining our energy into these different outlets. How do we recharge? We have to eventually find time to unplug.

We have to force ourselves to unplug from these constant energy draining outlets. We have to offer ourselves self-care. Do you ever notice that after you drain so much energy you tend to come down with the flu or get sick? Our body’s immune system gets overworked as does the rest of the body when we constantly drain our energy. The immune system shuts down and we get sick. The reason this happens is because your body is trying to tell you and force you to unplug. Being sick prevents us from doing our regular busy schedule and physically forces us to rest.

It sucks to be sick. Instead of having our bodies physically force us to unplug, we can find moments to give ourselves a break. This way we can enjoy these moments of unplugging and actually offer ourselves the ability to recharge our body. Find the time in your busy schedule to offer yourself five to ten minutes of meditation a day. This space should be quiet and with no technology around. It could be inside or outside. This simple idea of at least five minutes a day to just close the eyes and focus on your breath could change your entire life!

Meditation is an amazing way to recharge the body mentally and physically. This moment of zen could be the cure to all of your stress and anxiety. We need to recharge ourselves mentally and physically. When we purely focus on the breath, we allow the opportunity to steady the mind and body. Incorporating a yoga routine after these moments of meditation can allow the body to release along with the mind. We practice this balance of observing the mind and body without any judgement only to be able to reach a release. The balance is absorbing these realizations and letting go in order to recharge.

This idea of unplugging is essential when we want to make room for new opportunities. We need these moments of clarity to seize the day and follow our path. Take time for yourself. Allow yourself these moments of clarity to release and recharge. Life is easier when we give ourselves some space to center ourselves in the present moment. One thing at a time, use this moment to close the eyes. Deepen the breath. Unplug. Recharge. Repeat!

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