Tree Pose ~ Connecting Your Roots with the Earth

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The Tree Pose supports alignment of the head, spine, and hips. It strengthens the muscles of the hips, back, and legs. It also will help improve concentration, poise, balance, and posture. This pose is a great way to work on several different areas of the mind and body at once.

The pose begins in the position of the Mountain Pose. Begin the pose by standing upright with your legs together, thighs firmed, kneecaps lifted, head straight, and heels slightly apart. Slowly and gently, shift your body’s weight to one leg. The sole of your foot should be firmly planted onto your mat. Slightly bend your right knee and lift your right foot into you left thigh. Your right foots toes should be pointing directly down and your left foot should be centered with your pelvis. Your head, chest, pelvis and grounded foot should all be vertically aligned. Gently raise your hands upward towards the sky. You can choose to bring them together or to hold them upward and apart. Hold this pose for up to one minute. Return to the mountain pose and then switch legs.

A great way to hold this pose and not get wobbly is to focus on a single point. By not letting your eyes wander you will be able to hold the pose easier.

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