ToeSox Giveaway – Bring Out Your Inner-Spiderman

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Remember being young and hearing your favorite superhero theme song being played? It was magical. That song transformed you into a crime fighting bad-a**. For me it always helped if I had accessorized myself properly with a towel for a cape, and tights for flexibility and protection. Anyway enough of my awkward childhood memories. If you have ever put on a pair of ToeSox you know exactly what I am talking about. From the minute those little grippers are put on a feeling of super-natural invincibility takes over. Scaling walls seems like an everyday occurrence, and gripping the floor is done with such ease. Everything about ToeSox brings out the inner superhero yogi. You are totally enticed to try them now, aren’t you? If you said no, what if I were giving away 10 pairs of these little gems? Oh so now you want to know more… thought so.

ToeSox come in a huge variety of sizes, colors, and styles. Some are open-toed and some are knee-high. The combinations are unlimited. So as the story goes, our good friends at ToeSox have donated a handful of sox for us to give to you (thanks buddies), but we gotta make this interesting. I mean after all, we can’t just have everyone feeling this superhero vibe. Here’s the skinny.

I am going to randomly present challenges/tasks withing posts. The first person that accomplishes the task wins. Don’t sweat it though, I promise to keep things super simple.

ToeSox Giveaway Task #1 – Write 5 yoga tips that are not on our site already. The tips need to be one or two sentences in length and will be published on the site. Send me your tips with the title ToeSox Giveaway Task #1 at

Shoot for good tips and good luck!

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