To Heal and Be Healed

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When we are born, we are fresh out of the oven. Just like a fresh loaf of bread, we do not have any indents or slices off of us yet. We are pure and untainted. Then, as we grow we start to adapt to the outside world. Very different from our loving mother’s womb, we are affected by what happens around us. We develop strength and immunity from catching colds and receiving vaccines. Then we get older and realize that physical health correlates with mental health. We have the same reaction that we did as a young child, when we get pushed down we start to cry. Emotional reactions triggered from physical trauma. Mental trauma causes physical misalignments throughout our life and vice versa.

As we grow and age, we learn lessons. We learn to not touch the stove because it was painful to get burned when we mistakenly touched it. We learn to give thanks so that we can receive thanks. We learn to treat others as we would like to be treated. We never stop learning these lessons. Sometimes we even learn the same lesson over and over again. Once that lesson is finally learned, we gain a new perspective for life itself. We learn that it hurts us to hurt others. We learn that when we heal others, we heal ourselves. We learn through trial and error.

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When people hurt others mentally, physically, or emotionally they are not doing it in a natural human instinctual manner. Humans are one of the only mammals to hold grudges knowingly. We know we hold a grudge on a person for hurting us. We do that in a way of protecting ourselves from further abuse. In reality, we are putting that weight onto ourselves and a fear eventually develops. Maybe we become afraid of that person who previously hurt us. Instead of allowing a fear to build, let go of your grudge.

Understanding the world through the eyes of empathy will better your perspective of life. To empathize is to understand that the person who hurts is always hurting themselves double. They act painfully because pain is all they feel. This is not to pity but to acknowledge the fact that person actually needs help not hate. Even if you can’t help that person yourself you can have closer for the fact that it’s not your problem but one of their own. Heal them by sending them acceptance and wish well for them. Heal them with the forgiveness to allow yourself to heal. Let us spread more healing into the world.

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