Think Outside the Rectangle

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Rectangles are a great shape. A lot of my favorite things are rectangular such as my visa card, my laptop, and of course pop tarts. Rectangles and I have a great relationship, but recently I have been tempted to take a deeper look into the circle. We all know that round things are a lot of fun and have a certain excitement about them. Take doughnuts and Frisbees into account and my point is easily made. Well it’s kind of made.

I have always used a rectangle mat, and have never once thought about venturing out and into the wild world of circular temptation. That was until, I found an amazing gem of a mat that just so happens to be a perfect fit for my yoga style. The Mandala 6 foot Round Yoga Mat is totally refreshing and adds a hint of fun to my practice. It is so great to feel a mat that is wide enough to keep me on it. Practicing on a mat that is round is a unique and comforting. Its large enough to be where you need it to be and without the confines of corners it supports the freedom of movement. Another great thing about the Mandala mat is that a great grass roots company makes it. Desiree Kleeman, the creator of the mat and founder of Mandala Yoga Mats still makes the mats out of her home, and uses zero waste manufacturing techniques in the process. Could these mats be anymore feel-good and eco-chic? Nope.

The Mandala 6 Foot Yoga Mat is 1/4 inch thick and handmade with love and care. If you are looking for a way to stay on the mat during practice, try switching it up a bit and going round. You can purchase these amazing mats by visiting the Mandala website.

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