The Wellness Initiative

Boulder, CO

The Wellness Initiative

The Wellness Initiative delivers integrated yoga, stress- reduction and nutrition programs through public and alternative schools. The programs aim to improve the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of children, young adults, and their families. TWI provides children and youth with opportunities for positive growth and development, and we give parents and teachers resources they need to strengthen their families and students. Our yoga and stress-reduction programs combine a science- based approach to the body, mind, and self, with the exploration of yoga to support and enhance learning, health, and personal responsibility. The programs help children to be learning-ready, physically fit, aware of self and others, and confident. Our curriculum provides a methodology for integrating movement with breath to strengthen, align and balance the body, focus the mind and soothe the nervous system. TWI’s nutrition curriculum teaches students about healthy foods, whole foods, locally grown foods, fruits, and vegetables. It focuses on helping students to relate their eating habits and consumption choices directly to the way they feel, physically and emotionally. All TWI nutrition programs are based on research that shows a healthy diet is connected to a child’s ability to learn effectively, achieve high standards, and maintain positive social interactions as well as a healthy self- image. Support TWI in bringing yoga, stress-reduction, and nutrition programs to low-income kids in schools by making a direct donation online or by sponsoring a class, semester, or even a school at!

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Boulder, CO 80306

Phone: (303) 865-3976
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