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Orange,, CA

The Tulsi Foundation

Specialty: Integrated Approach To Achieving Body-Mind Balance with Meditation, Pranayama, Ayurveda, Workshops, Life Coaching, and The Demartini Method, Corporate Wellness Programs. Ayurveda: This ancient science helps you to live a life of balance, purpose and focus according to your own unique physical and mental constitutions. The ayurvedic approach covers everything from diet, exercise, lifestyle, work habits, relationships and the stresses and strains of today’s hectic pace. The Demartini Method: The Demartini Method is a step-by-step process consisting of mental questions and physical actions directed towards finding equilibrium in resentments or infatuations in order to bring clarity, certainty and presence to the conscious mind and to the physical body, as well as feelings of gratitude and unconditional love. The Demartini Method is the most powerful, effective and efficient methodology in personal transformation. A procedure that neutralizes an individual’s emotional charges, balances their mental and physical reactions, opens the heart and clears the mind. The Corporate Wellness program includes work relationship training, team goals and productivity from integrating each individual component of the group. The Demartini Method allows for personal transformation while at the same time reaching for the group’s true potential. We offer luncheon talks, health fairs and group breakthroughs for reaching each company’s highest potential. Pranayama and Meditation: We teach Pranayama and meditation techniques on a one-on-one basis. These techniques have complemented our clients healing processes from depression, fibromyalgia, pain management, ADD, Adult ADD, Grief, loss, relationship issues, digestive disorders, insomnia, back pain, migraines, anger management, stress, addictions, cravings, weight loss, etc. Dana Tilak is a certified Ayurvedic practitioner and Demartini Method Facilitator. Dana Tilak also conducts corporate wellness seminars and classes and is a successful, inspired speaker.

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3903 E. Mandeville Pl.
Orange,, CA 92867

Phone: (714) 279-8680
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