The Symbol of Yoga

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The symbol of yoga is known as yoga mudra in sanskrit. A hand gesture or yoga posture can be referred to the symbol of yoga. I had once gone to a Ancient Yoga Exhibit at art museum. This exhibit was filled with yogic related artifacts dating all the way back from 1500 BC. I was astounded while walking through this tomb of yogic culture. While I was looking at the artifacts, I noticed the hand placement of all the figures. The imagery within these figures hand gestures displayed the figure’s thumb touching the pointer, middle, or ring fingers. I have to wonder why the ring finger and thumb meet, I was taught in yoga teacher training that when counting my blessings within my mala bead necklace to leave out my ring finger because it represents the ego.

There is a yoga posture known as yoga mudrasana. In this pose, you will come into a seated position called sukhasana in sanskrit terms also can be understood as lotus pose. You will be sitting on your sit bones resting on your feet and body sitting on the chins of your legs. As you elongate the your crown of your head to tailbone, inhale as you raise your hands out in front of you; palms facing down. Slowly turn your palms out to opposite sides and reach your arms out behind your back. You can feel free to use a strap for support or maybe you can clasp your hands behind your back. After you find a bond between both hands behind your back, exhale and slowly lean your torso forward finding your forehead meet the mat in front of you. As you glide forward, inhale and lift your clasping hands toward the sky behind you.

Yoga mudrasana brings you to feel the ancient yogic tradition of being one with yourself and your connection to this Universe. The symbology of hand gestures can also we thought of in this same aspect. When you meet your thumbs to your middle and ring fingers you can see this physical connection. The connection of your thumb and other fingers symbolizes an even larger connection to this Universe we all play a crucial part in. Next time you take some time to meditate or practice yoga, find your variation of yoga mudra or symbol of yoga. Find the peace and connection within yourself and all living things among this extravagant Universe.

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