The Skinny on Forrest Yoga

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Forrest Yoga is a blossoming style of yoga that was created by Ana Forrest. Hence, its name. Anyway, before I ramble on for a few solid paragraphs on more unique name options, I will digress and fill you in on the basics.

Forrest Yoga is based on four pillars. Breath, Strength, Integrity, and Spirit. It was created our modern stresses, bot the physical and emotional. Forrest Yoga uses intense pose sequences, compassionately taught , to help awaken the senses. It invigorates the practitioner’s body, pushing oxygen into every cell in the body, and inspires passion for living.

The technique uses deep breathing, heat, and physically demanding pose sequences to force the body to expel toxins. The style can be adapted for all levels of students and does not require one to be strong or flexible. It can really is for Every Body. A willingness to learn how to feel authentically and respond honesty would be useful though.

Forrest Yoga celebrates the beauty of life and the power if Spirit. It helps to deepen the relationship with our authentic selfs and to better our intelligence, strength, flexibility, and intuition. Hello, Forrest Yoga is total win win.

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