The Naked Eye is Worth a Thousand Words

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Have you ever been on a crazy adventure and after you look through your photos to realize you did not take any?! I have. I find myself living so much in the present moment that I forget to take pictures to show my experiences. In today’s society, there is a picture for every single moment. I question if anyone ever lives in the present moment anymore. Instead of using our eyes and minds to cherish a moment we absorb these moments using cameras and phones.

Our phones are always on hand. We are always reaching for the camera to take a selfie or capture a moment instead of actually appreciating the moment. I do understand wanting to share these beautiful moments with family, friends, and the world. Think about how much the world would rather hear your story. This is a way of connecting and communicating with each other. This is true that pictures are fun and technology will always be advancing. How can we find the balance to direct our attention to appreciating it for ourselves?

What happened to traditional storytelling? I find it more fun to tell someone a story and allow them to picture it using their own imagination. I feel that it can be compared to reading a book or watching the same storyline depicted in a movie on screen. Most will admit that the book is usually better than the movie because they were able to use their own imagination to create the picture. Photography is definitely an art form. I appreciate the art of photography. I appreciate being able to see the world without actually seeing it! I just think that no matter what the best view is through the naked eye.

If you have ever seen the movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” with actor Ben Stiller, you have seen the end where the photographer (Sean Penn) searched for years to capture a picture of the rarely seen snow leopard. When the snow leopard magically appears the photographer just observes with eyes wide open. Ben Stiller’s character asks him when he is going to take the picture and Sean Penn’s character says, “Sometimes I don’t. When I personally like a moment I don’t want the distraction of the camera, I just want to stay there…here in this moment.” Next time you find yourself experiencing a special moment I challenge you to just enjoy it. Stay and absorb it for yourself.

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