The Meditation Illusion Challenge

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We live in an information overload nation. With the help of gadgets like iPhones and laptops our minds are being pushed to multi-task non stop. Life is busy and we are always on the fly, so this illusion really makes a great example of a focused mind vs. a wandering mind.

A Places to Yoga fan sent this great image link from The image is of a series of circles that are not moving, but they appear to be rotating. If you focus on the black dots in the center of the circles the movement will stop. The point of this is that the circles are like our minds in meditation. The goal is to keep them still and focused on a single point, but it’s very easy for the wheels to continue to spin and for us to become distracted.

The challenge:

Glance at the image and see the illusion of the circles turning. This is our unfocused mind. (click the thumbnail below for a larger version)

Now direct your attention at black dots in the centers and watch the wheels stop. This is our mind focusing on a specific task.

The key to a successful meditation is focus. We need to learn how to turn off our minds and just be present in the moment.

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