The Importance of Reviews for Yoga Studios

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With every passing day, more and more potential students use the internet to first find and then evaluate Yoga Studios. Imagine how you search for a particular product or service. You start an online search, and are bombarded with an overwhelming number of results. How do you choose? What gives one option validity over another? Would you feel better about your choice if you could get personal recommendations?

Well, that is exactly where online reviews come into play; they serve the role of personal recommendations by people just like you. The more reviews a potential student reads, the better they feel about participating in the classes, retreats, and workshops you offer. Remember, that second to word-of-mouth, online reviews and testimonials are the best type of advertising. The main reason for this is that they are available at the exact moment someone is ready to make a decision.

In order to assist Yoga Studio Owners with adding reviews to their site, Places to Yoga has developed a Review Widget. This widget can easily be added to your site, and will:

1. Allow your students to write review, and;
2. Display your existing reviews with a clean, interactive display.

And the best part, it’s FREE.

To add the widget to your site, please find your studio listing on Places to Yoga, then click on the blue button that says: ADD STUDIO REVIEWS TO YOUR WEBSITE.

You will be prompted with a bit of code which you can simply copy and paste to your website. Once the code is on your site, you can begin having students add reviews.

If you have any questions, please use our contact us form, and we will be happy to assist you.

We will continue adding articles to help you market your yoga studio.

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