The Eight Limbs of Yoga

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There is so much more to yoga than just bending your body like a pretzel. Yoga is all encompassing ,and with dedication and practice yoga can offer spiritual enlightenment and show the true meaning of our existence. The topic of what is yoga could go on forever, so for today I will just outline the eight limbs of yoga. I think that will be plenty of information for you to wrap your minds around for now. It certainly is for me.

  • Yamas – the importance of morals and treating others well
  • Niyamas – how we deal with our own behaviors and thoughts
  • Asana – the postures, poses, and stretches
  • Pranayama – the breathing exercises
  • Pratyahara – the act of controlling our senses
  • Dharana – focusing the mind and external perception
  • Dhyana- the skilful art of meditation
  • Samadhi – enlightenment, bliss, or uniting with the divine

These my friends are the eight limbs of yoga. By mastering these eight areas one can reach the highest levels of enlightenment. I hope that all of us can one day can experience such a beautiful and rare thing.

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