The Core Yoga Pose

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If you are looking to build a strong core and flat abs you have clicked on the right article! Yoga postures strengthen every muscle in the body. The abdominals are the number one muscle group that are strengthened during yoga practice. As we know the core is the body’s powerhouse of life-force energy or prana. The stronger the core the easier each posture will be for you! The number one yoga posture that builds a strong core is Upward Boat pose. This posture is known as Urdhva Navasana in sanskrit terminology.

This posture will give you flat abs and a strong core for sure! It will also improve your balance and your overall confidence. This pose give a great stretch for the back of your legs including hamstrings. Only reason to avoid would be if you have an injury or recent surgery in the abdomen region. Practice a few times a week and you will definitely see and feel the results!

Here’s direction on performing Urdhva Navasana…

  1. Start in a seated position and with your knees bent together and feet flat on the mat in front of you. Center your attention to your breath.
  2. Your hands can grip behind the knees on the back of your thighs. Make sure you keep a straight and sturdy back. Keep shoulders wide and avoid crunching throughout this posture.
  3. Inhale as you start to slowly lean back as you lift your feet off the ground. Avoid crunching the back, as you keep lifting the feet until your shins are parallel to the mat. Exhale, your hands can stay gripped behind the knees or release your arms straight out and parallel to the mat as well.
  4. Keeping a sturdy back, use your core and breath to maintain this posture for a few breaths. The deeper the breath the longer you will be able to sustain the pose.
  5. For more intensity you can straighten out your legs along with your arms just always remember to keep a straight back as it is easy to crunch inward. Use those strong abdominals you are building to sustain and build even more strength.
  6. To come out of the posture, just lower your legs and feet placed back onto the floor with hands behind the knees.

I hope you enjoy your core yoga practice. Repeat every day for a few minutes if possible and continue to build the amount of time you hold it. Your body is likely to shake during this posture and that is a good thing! Shaking is the result of those muscles building strength and warming into that flexibility. The longer you endure the shake the more muscle and strength you will build! Wishing you a strong core and flat abs!

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