The Benefits of Juicing

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Juicing is probably the best lifestyle I’ve made. First off, the weight loss was immediately noticeable. I went from about 183 lbs. down to 156 lbs. at which point I thought I was a little too light. I only did a juice fast for 10 days at the beginning and since have been having a mix of solid foods and 1-2 juices per day. Second, one of the benefits of fresh juice is how easy it is to digest. Drinking it gives an almost immediate energy boost, and strangely I don’t get hungry for hours afterwards. It’s like the opposite of fast food where you get hungry 20 minutes after you get done eating. Lastly, it’s far more convenient for someone like me who lives alone. Cooking for one is not the most practical thing in the world because of how long it takes to prepare and then clean up. Juicing is perfect because I can make a juice, drink it, and clean up in under 30-minutes and go on with my day. If you haven’t tried juicing, I encourage you to give it a shot!

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