That Number Sure Looks Auspicious – 108

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Auspicious – pronounced aus·pi·cious – adjective

meaning – promising success; favorable; opportune; propitious

108 is a number that holds significance to many cultures and religions throughout the world. Yoga which ties into many of the eastern religions has always held a connection with 108 and regards it as a sacred number.

Malas, or garlands of prayer beads, have 108 beads plus one on them. The plus one is the “guru bead”. The 108 beads spin around the guru bead much like the way our planets rotate around the sun. When repeating a Mantra, a mala is used in the same fashion as the Catholic rosary.

Vedic mathematicians have viewed 108 as a number of the “wholeness of existence”.The number holds much ritual significance due to its connection with the sun, moon, and earth. The average difference between the two and the earth is said to be 108 times their diameters. Coincidence? I think myself and few others would say otherwise.

In yogic traditions, there are 108 sacred sites (Pithas) throughout India, 108 texts of sacred ancient wisdom (Upanishads), and 108 energy intersections within out bodies (Marmas). I say we all have our own little Eat Pray Love moments and go find them! Yogic traditions also bring awareness to the 108 sacred places of the human body.

108 holds many more areas of significance than this little blog could even begin to share, so if you know of some of the others, post them below.

Hopefully this will bring some answers to the often looming question… Why are there so many beads on this thing?

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