Ten Magical Minutes in Savasana

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Experienced yogis and beginners alike are very familiar with the pose Savasana, many will admit it is their favorite pose! Savasana, also known as “corpse pose” which is a posture lying flat on your back on the floor usually concluding a yoga class. Yoga students love this posture because it means their workout is finished and it is now time to RELAX! Yoga can be an intense workout of stretching your body and muscles. Many people have very tight muscles from other forms of exercise or lifestyle and yoga always seems to find that deep stretch to  truly release. After a hot and sweaty yoga session, who wouldn’t want to just lay motionless on the floor to meditate and appreciate their practice.

This particular posture takes a great amount of patience. With the way society is today, everyone is on a schedule that makes them hop, skip, and jump from here to there. After finishing a hard workout many have that same idea of hop, skip, jump that they are all finished and it means time to go! What happens when we resist this urge to move? There is a magical moment your body experiences when you truly surrender to the posture of Savasana. This resistance from your normal societal reaction to hop, skip, jump onto the next. To just stay in that moment, is the beauty of yoga.

Yoga is meant to bring us into our present experience. To lay still on the floor may seem out of nature but it is actually exactly what your body needs after a yogic workout. During this pose your body releases tension, reduces stress and insomnia, and lowers blood pressure. Savasana is the most important posture when taking a yoga class. The reason for this is because while you are holding this posture your body comes into complete alignment. The release of tension comes mentally and physically throughout your entire being.

It is common to actually fall asleep in Savasana. Your body becomes so relaxed and laying there with your eyes closed and in correct body alignment, your mat becomes the softness bed! The goal of Savasana is to try to stay aware and “awake”. I remember my experience with this posture during my 200 hour teacher training at Kripalu. There was one time that I literally felt like I was floating through space and I could hear this loud low pitch frequency happening. Some friends said maybe I was hearing the actual vibrational frequency of the Earth! No one knows for sure and it is clear that everyone has their own magical perspective during this posture.

Next time you attend a yoga class, try to really focus your awareness during Savasana. Utilize this posture for it gives an endless opportunity to broaden awareness into your being. A teacher will normally offer eight to twelve minutes for Savasana or “corpse pose” therefore the magical minute is the tenth. When you reach a full ten minutes of Savasana’s majestic meditation you will surely go home feeling rejuvenated. It is fun to try this type of meditation just at home for ten minutes of your day. Enjoy your ten magical minutes in Savasana!

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