Take a Hike!

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The trees are a gift to us from Mother Nature. We need trees to breathe oxygen. They are the suppliers for oxygen in our lungs. We are their suppliers of carbon dioxide which is what they ‘breathe’. We are all aware of the deforestation happening in the Amazon rainforest and the need for it to stop. We can do our part to help by bringing the awareness of how important trees are to us individually. You need eight trees worth of oxygen just in one year! Take a minute to look at a tree and silently give it a thank you.

It’s funny to me the expression to, “take a hike” is used as a way of telling someone off. If someone said that to me I’d gladly accept the offer! What if we changed the meaning of this ‘insult’ to be something very positive and worthy of growth. To take a hike, means to give yourself the ultimate mind and body workout! When I take a hike, I find my mind wandering into the chirping of the birds, the leaves brushing against the trees, the sound of my steps on the Earth in front of me, fellow hikers passing by with a greeting, and my body feels relaxed.

While we hear and feel these sensations, we can look at this experience as a meditation in motion. This is our individual perspective of what the forest has to offer to us. Trees being our gift from Mother Nature are here to keep us alive and breathing. The trees exist to be appreciated and respected. When taking a hike, I notice all of the different kinds of trees there are in the deciduous forest. I notice the age, shape, size, carvings from lovers, angle off the cliffs, and how they exist with each other.

Give yourself the credit that you exist along with these trees. We as humans, plants, animals, fungi, rocks…etc are all here together. We all coexist together. If we can do anything for ourselves and our trees, we can have gratitude. A friend once said, “Not one tree is competing with its brothers and sisters in the forest, they all coexist naturally together.” Let us learn from the trees to work together to preserve this wonderful planet we exist on together. Give gratitude for the trees, plants, animals, fungi, rocks, and most importantly each other.

Now, take a hike! 😉

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