Making Space
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Years ago, a friend of mine had a series of Alexander Technique lessons. Her posture really improved: I asked her how she’d done it. ‘Well,’ she replied, ‘if you stop doing the WRONG things, you make space for the right ones to happen on their own.’ Devastatingly simple. Also, desperately […]

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Creating some Space
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What does it mean to you when you hear the phrase “Create some space.” Yoga teachers will use this expression to welcome an opportunity to expand both breath and mindfulness. I think of my breath spreading my neck, ribs and belly and all the muscles surrounding these areas. We also […]

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Pranayama ~ Yoga Breathing Pt. 1
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Prana – “Life Force”     Yama – “Discipline”    Ayama – “Expansion” Pranyama is the practice of controlled breathing. There is much more than just deep breathing to Pranayama, there are very important stages that will help you open upyour inner life force and guide you into a better […]

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