Swim to Cleanse

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Swimming is a cleansing experience. Swimming cleanses the body, mind, and soul. It physically washes your skin with water. It clears your mind and brings you into the moment. It cleanses the soul by releasing endorphins and awakens the spirit. Swimming is a very yogic treatment. Swimming in the ocean is the ultimate cleansing awakening. It is literally riding the waves of life!

I love to swim. There a many benefits to swimming. First of all, it is an amazing full body workout and it feels amazing! Swimming improves flexibility and strength. You move 90% of your body more buoyantly when you’re emerged in water. Water allows your body to stretch and even with more resistance than on land. After you go for a swim, your body tends to feel lighter due to the strength you build while swimming.

If we think back to being in our mother’s womb, we were created in embryonic fluid. Our bodies are at least made up of 70% water. It is natural to swim in water. For most who swim understand the pleasure of enjoying the water on their skin. It is cleansing in every aspect. Re-energize your entire being by jumping into a pool of water. Free yourself to express who you are under the water.

Water is one of Earth’s most precious elements. We could not survive even more than three days without drinking water. Swim to cleanse yourself and your soul!

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