Susan Marcus

Sarasota, FL

Susan Marcus

Susan’s approach to teaching yoga is to “make the physical and spiritual practice of yoga accessible to all ages, all bodies, and all minds.”In the tradition of the Iyengar method, great emphasis is placed on learning basic asanas to create body-mind awareness. Props (bolsters, blocks, chairs) are used to allow all students to experience the full benefit of each asana without inducing strain or injury. Iyengar Yoga focuses on alignment, sequencing, and timing to integrate mind, body, and breath. Classes typically with begin with a few minutes of quiet, then a series of asanas (e.g., standing poses, seated poses, twists), and concluding with Savasana (corpse pose). Susan infuses her classes with yoga philosophy, humor, and practical life experience.Iyengar Yoga brings together the body, mind, and breath. It is “meditation in action.” With each posture, the mind focuses on alignment and the movement of the breath. As the mind unites with the body and the breath, students move into a meditative state. Self-exploration occurs through discovery and release of physical tension patterns and psychological resistance. As practice continues, a student's ability to concentrate and to relax improves and inner awareness is enhanced.Call or visit the website for the current class schedule.

Contact Information

4147 Prairie View Dr. S.
Sarasota, FL 34232

Phone: (941) 928-7019
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