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New Milford,, CT

Supreme Yoga

It’s like a meditation, where you use and engage your whole body.The Contemplations make the whole experience. Linda Robinson, New Milford, CT The secret to deriving the maximum benefit from any Yoga posture is in your ability to hold that posture while freeing your mind of all thoughts, anxieties, and frustration. This is not the kind of yoga class where the instructor barks out commands for people to get into hatha yoga postures, like a coach calls plays at football practice. In our classes and intensives, you maintain silence while filling your awareness with a guided contemplation. The contemplations given at the moment the postures are taught and held, serve to increase your ability to hold postures while, at the same time, causing your mind to become silent. In this way, you are able to use the variety of yoga postures we teach to take your experience of yoga beyond the realm of the senses, so that you can begin to experience your natural, free state of being as your focus is guided past the physical body and into the realm of your own Divine Consciousness. This is the purpose of Supreme Yoga.

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Phone: (860) 354-9516
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