Strive for Consistency

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Consistency is the key to perfecting the recipe of life. Life is full of different textures and patterns. One of our goals should be to strive for consistency in our lives.  As we walk through life, we balance our bodies on our center of gravity. We are a part of this equilibrium within the Universe. Our connection to the world around us depends on our connection to our own stability. What can you do to stabilize yourself?

Willpower is necessary when we strive for balance. Every action starts with a thought. That thought is the gasoline, it fuels every decision and outcome in our lives. It take power of the mind to accomplish anything and everything. You must be your number one fan in life. Sure this sounds easy, but when you realize that you are also your own worst enemy makes this drive to accomplish more complicated. Willpower is your motivation to continue this repetition of consistency until you reach your goal.

How do we continue to keep consistency in our lives when our mood and emotions fluctuate? This is the natural wave of life. We need to accept that there will always be ups and downs. Some mornings we will wake up and just want to stay in bed. Other mornings we wake up with the intention of saving the world! This is they way our lives have always been and always will be.

This natural inconsistency is something we must accept when striving for consistency. Consistency comes down to your daily intention. This might be a project you want to accomplish or a workout routine, whatever  it may be we need to have the intention that we can get it done. Life will throw you hurdles and it is up to you do jump over them. This is when willpower is extremely important.

No matter what life puts in your way, remember that the natural current of life is a rough one. As long as you stick to your intention you are striving for consistency and will succeed. Manage your time and stay strong. You create your own consistency. Accept that life is naturally inconsistent without any explanation but keep that finish line in sight. You create your own reality in your life. Strive for consistency and you will be pleased with the results!

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