Spring into Spring!

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For many of us, winter is a long time period of freezing cold snow and ice. Outdoor activities can be fun and make these long winter months entertaining. Let’s be honest, we cannot wait until it all melts and for spring to blossom! While we continue to wait out for spring for a few more months, we can use this time to nurture the blossoming period. The Earth is beginning to awake, it is a good time for us to set new projects into motion. It is time to establish goals and to take the first steps forward on these planned paths in order to bring them into fruition.

You can use this energy of anticipation for spring to come to your benefit. We all have plans of what we want to do coming into a new year and a new round of seasons. Utilize this time to make plans you have for the warm weather such as planting a garden, going on vacation, visiting with family, or just taking some time for yourself. How great do you feel when you take the time to plan ahead for life? Now is the time to start saving the money for these dreams to come true.

It is always a good thing to focus and live in the present moment but it can’t hurt us to plan ahead for an exciting and eventful future. In this day of age, it is important to save money for future endeavors. Get a head start on the next seasons to come, especially for these upcoming spring months. This has been a very mild winter for many of us that are used to multiple feet of snow. Take advantage of the sunny and warm winter days we are experiencing and prepare a list of what you want to accomplish with this newfound energy.

Even if winter chooses to come, use those snowy days that you are stuck indoors to organize your house. When you put time into organizing your personal life, everything outside seems to fall into the same pattern of organization. There is a reason people use the phrase ‘spring cleaning’ because it is so easy for the gloomy winter days to clog up our normal energetic flow. We have been blessed with the bright sunshine this winter and coming into the spring months. Take in the rays and use that positive, glowing energy and apply it into every aspect of your life! The famous groundhog said spring is coming early this year, in that case bring it on!

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