So Much To Learn


There is so much I learn when I am in front of a class teaching yoga…especially hot yoga.

Today while teaching a sequenced class, we found ourselves up to that dreaded point…the CAMEL pose.

It’s fascinating to me to watch yogis navigate through this pose. I see it in the setup. A look of determination settles into their features. Some get wide eyed with fear. Some set their jaw and steel their determination. However, often times I see people go into this heart-opening posture for about five seconds and then immediately bail.



When we convince ourselves that we can or can’t do something, either way we’re right. If we build up an unreasonable fear around a certain pose such as camel (for me it’s king pigeon…yikes!), we are bound to fail.

But if we stay in that moment, if we become comfortable with the uncomfortable, if we breathe, focus and connect, we may surprise ourselves and stay in the pose a little bit longer.

If we convince ourselves to stay, even just five seconds longer than we’d like, we oftentimes will succeed beyond our wildest expectations.

Imagine how this knowledge, this power, this self-awareness can help us in our day to day life. Staying in the moment, becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable, breathing, focusing, and connecting in our lives…so much can be opened and unlocked for us.

How in your day-to-day life can you stay, even just five seconds longer than you’d like? The possibilities are endless.

Natalie Buster is a certified yoga teacher based out of Madison, Wisconsin. She specializes in yoga therapy, hot yoga, and restorative, meditative yoga. As a former actress in NYC, Natalie likes to infuse her classes with singing, laughter, and levity. There’s nothing that brings Natalie more joy than to see someone find their path beyond their self-imposed limitations. She believes that everyone has what it takes, but sometimes we find ourselves disbelieving in ourselves. Yoga can help us tear down those limitations one breath at a time, one pose at a time. When she’s not on her mat, Natalie enjoys biking around the Mad City, preparing delicious meals with local ingredients, and planning jaunts around the world with her husband Conrad.

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