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St. Louis Park , MN

Smokin’ Yogi Visions, LLC

Teacher Julie Patrice Rappaport, along with her former husband of 17 years and their teenaged daughter, coauthored a book about their family’s divorce. Many yogic (and other) philosophies were utilized to create a better family through divorce, rather than the more familiar story of bitter, wounded souls.Smokin’ Yogi Visions, LLC, presents various positive and enigmatic philosophies of yoga, shamanism, Taoism, Judeo/Christian, divination, and other forms of spiritual awakening through a smorgasbord of classes; writings; documentaries; a comedic-dramatic series on divorce and shifting relationships from one defined thing into something different, called “Abnormally Normal” and their book “Relational Shifts: A Family Doesn’t Have to End Just Because A Marriage Does,” upon which the series is loosely based. Check out our website,, to see trailers, the book, and our online magazine, E-ZineDivorce, which grows continually with helpful resources for families going through a major shift or life surgery.Divorce is one analogy of the life surgery one goes through when a significant relationship changes into something other than what it was, like birth. We transform through breath, learn from the inside out, release our limitations. Open heart and mind, and watch the world unfold limitlessly. Find the pieces of yourself that were lost. Bloom like a lotus from the muck of your life. Exhale compassion. Inhale and learn the alchemy of transforming it into compassion… Transform your life! Just breathe! Do you want to be bitter or better? Live unabashedly!The yoga of divorce–off-the-mat practice for life! Namaste~

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