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Life can be complicated. There are times we plan out an easy route. To our surprise, this idea of an easy route turns out to be more complex than we thought. This can be discouraging but it does not mean that it is impossible. Life can be compared to a math equation. There are multiple ways to solve an equation. Same can be applied to our lives when trying to find solutions. We have options for the most part. How can we simplify problems in our lives in order to seek simpler solutions?

I feel that technology that will end up saving our planet from pollution and destruction. Technology has also made life easier in many ways. When we have a question about something we just ask Google and it answers it for us. Not only does the internet answer our questions, there are multiple sources for the same answer! Silicon Valley is to thank for this simplicity of technology because it is way more complex behind the scenes. As technology is continually advancing, mother nature and us will strive for the balance of simple solutions.

How can we make life easier for ourselves? I find that overthinking a situation only makes it even more complicated. We tend to use our minds like Google searches, we come up with many different answers. We can get distracted by all of these routes to take that lead us to the same point. Let us try to stop at the first option that comes to mind. Usually you will never regret the first thought because that is your intuitions first solution. If you trust in your decisions, have some faith that you will make the right choice. If all else fails just know, if there is a will there is always a way.

Have you ever lost your train of thought? I always tell people that if you stop thinking about what it was, it will come back to you. When you stop your thoughts, life starts to become more clear. We are able to organize our thought process and take the proper steps without going out of our way. Meditation is a great technique to use when trying to clear the mind. There is so much going on around the world with such a large population people. More than ever before is it so important to incorporate a daily meditation in your life. Just give yourself a minimum of five minutes a day to meditate. In a seated position, meditate by bringing awareness to your breaths and slowly allow your thoughts to fade away.

Make your life easier. Choose an easy route as long as you still give it your all! Remember that if you need to take a detour along the way just trust in your instincts. Life gives you these detours as a reminder that you are capable of anything you put your mind to. Simplify even the most complicated of situations. Simplify your life in order to ground into your survival instincts. Trust that the Universe has your back. Trust in yourself!

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