Simple ways to clear negative energy from your home

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Recently I discovered this wonderful thing called “clearing negative energy”.

Have you ever had the experience of stepping into someone’s home, or place of business, and immediately had an unexplainable feeling of ease and comfort? Or, an instance of going into someone’s home, or business, and immediately felt uneasy and uncomfortable? I think we’ve all experienced these. Personally I use this intuitive feeling to guide me to whether I can trust a person, if I felt the uneasiness I prefer not to deal with the person in the future. I believe, subconsciously most times, we all do this.

So how do we clear our home from negative energy? I have a few simple things that I do that I wish to share with you.

  1. Sage: this is a plant that Native Americans used to “smudge”, examples: to protect and purify a person after an illness or clear negative energy or spirits from a space. You can burn the sage in a bundle, using it like a wand, to waft around yourself or a room focusing especially on the corners of the rooms since this is typically where stagnant energy likes to collect, or you can simply light the sage in a bowl (one that will not burn, I use a clay bowl I made in High school) and allow the embers to create smoke which flows naturally into the room. I typically do a full cleansing of my house once a week.
  2. After the sage part I like to open as many windows as possible (during winter I wait for a warmer day), turn on some fans and let some fresh air into the space to get rid of stagnant air. This simple act of allowing in fresh air acts as a pick me up and I personally feel immediately energized after this.
  3. If I have the extra time, its always nice to vacuum and sweep/mop all the floors and wash the linens, with an attitude of humble honor.
  4. Then I like to sit in meditation, giving thanks for what I have and for the people in my life for which I am grateful for.

So that is what my “clearing negative energy” routine consists of….I’d love to hear your ideas or thoughts.

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